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All the warriors were meeting around the fire, none of them knew why.

Suddenly an old man came in the clearing. At this moment a powerful wind blew. He walked to a rock overhanging the place. The fire’s light enabled Chamma to recognize him he had two more generations than him. His body didn’t allow him to fight anymore, but his spirit stayed valiant. In the past Chamma’s grandfather talked about this man, naming him the prophet.

He lifted his large stick and silence reigned. Then, he started to talk in these terms: - You are here to fight in a war that’s lasting from the dawn of the world! A war in which the stake is more important than the one of any other war. This war isn’t physical, but spiritual. You’ll have to lift up you r sword in front of the enemies hordes. Receive this power from you King and obey him in the fight.

The prophet lifted his arms and talked in an unknown language. The warriors were filled up until their spirit separated from their body of flesh to fight in the invisible world.