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-My son, get ready, I have something important to show you. On the way, I explained to him where we were going, as my grandfather did with me many years ago.

-It is time for you to see where our ancestors are buried and I have to explain to you the beliefs of our family. With the light of my torch, I found again, step by step, the thin path my grandfather had showed me. We went through a vast meadow and came along a forest, where the family graveyard was. I could see myself with my grandfather, entering the same graveyard, lighting a fire in the same seat and on my son’s face, the same amazement as on mine at the time.

-Do you remember the stories we told you when you were younger? These are not just simple legends, but they are true. In this world exists invisible powers, but if one day you have to fight them, don’t go without the escort of your King. That King that we’ve talked about so often with you, our family has taken the oath of allegiance for many years and you have from now on the choice to follow him or not. If you walk beside him, his peace will reside in you and you will have to communicate it to this world eaten away by hatred, despair and pain.

More than anything, don’t forget that our King will always be faithful, that he and his army will support you and protect you.