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The dawn rose on the northern plains. Chamma had waited for this moment for very long hours. He said goodbye to his wife and his children, took his weapons and left for the grim forest, at the boundary of the great Realm.

Chamma went through the snowy valleys and the frozen rivers and arrived on the great plain, beyond the mountains. More the hours passed, more the tiredness was felt. He was tempted many times to stop for rest in the villages he was going through, but the Spirit of his King was restoring his strength and courage, enabling him to continue his way.

Chamma walked for long hours and when the sun dipped behind the mountains, he arrived at the edge of the forest. In front of him stood huge oaks, where branches let the first rays of the moon pass through. Between the trees, a path, through which not much travelers dared to venture, sank in the darkness.

Chamma stopped in front of the impressing forest and listened to the wind whistling through the branches. He closed his eyes and perceived some distant owl hoots. Suddenly, a screech rose from the depths of the forest, followed by wolves cries. Chamma was overwhelmed by fear and totally lost heart. The atmosphere became so oppressive, that he fell on his knees, but, as he was wondering what was this malefic power and whether he really had to be there, he remembered his grandfather’s advice. An incredible peace flooded him, which enabled him to draw out his sword and to enter in the darkness of the forest.

The wolves’ cries had ceased for a moment and Chamma was going deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly a shadow drew his attention. He stopped and saw wolves’ outlines prowling behind the trees. He grabbed his sword and ran at them yelling and tore them to pieces with his blade. He felt that he wasn’t fighting alone anymore.

After some hours of walk, he saw a fire in the distance. The oppressive atmosphere vanished slowly as he was approaching it. He entered in a clearing floodlit by the fire which was burning in its centre. Around the fire were sitting warriors and more were arriving.