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The war was far from ending and the fight was still as fierce as when Chamma came. Chamma had led to good the mission that was intended to him and without failing until the end he was invited to go in the residence of his King. This King kept a place for those who fought for his reign.

On the path that led at the King’s residence, he met a group of warriors that was going to the same place. One of them told him how a group of men lost their lives because they wanted to fight for their own glory. These brave warriors were fighting with great power and destroyed the enemy in big numbers. One day they realized the power that they had and that it was easy for them to fight. From then on they decided to fight for their own glory.

Every victory left a bit more place to pride that was eating them more and more, until the day they totally abandoned their King and there their power left them. When they realized, it was too late to return back. They fell one after the other in the battle, and died in dreadful pain.

After a long travel they arrived in the royal city were they were welcomed by the sound of trumpets.