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Upcoming Shows


 1 September 2018, Local Metal Fest, Lavey (CH)


29 September 2018, Devil's Rock For an Angel Fest, Zillebeke (BE)


19 October 2018, Blooble Café, Lille (FR)


20 October 2018, Rise Of Trolls Fest#2, Liège (BE)


21 October 2018, No Man's Land, Lorraine (FR)


10 November 2018, TBA, Vaud (CH)


1st December 2018, Manoir Pub, St-Maurice (CH)

With Finntroll, Synmetallium, Norvhar, Vaalnor


Past Shows

22 April 2018, Brigant, Arnhem (NL)

with Endymaeria and Desolate Fields


21 April 2018, StudioGonz, Gouda,(NL)

with Malchus, Morvigor, Endymaeria, Malignity


20 April 2018, Anno Nu, Oldenzaal,(NL)

with Mass Decline and Endymaeria


14 April 2018, Rocking Chair, Vevey (CH)

with Hypocras and Battle Tales


23 December 2017, Willemeen, Arnhem (NL)

With Wind Rose and Desolate Fields


22 December 2017, Kreatief, Neckarsulm (DE)

With Wind Rose and Deathtiny


 16 December 2017, Comunità Giovanile, Busto Arsizio (ITA)

With Wind Rose and Aexylium


8 December 2017, Manoir Pub, St-Maurice (CH)

With Wind Rose


27 October 2017, De Verlichte Geest, Roeselaare (B)

With Fleshcarved, Makasrr, Undeceived


26 October 2017, Le Blogg, Lyon (FR)

With Wind Rose and Harmoniks


23 September 2017, Blues Beiz, Niederbipp (CH)

With Synmetalium


3 September 2017, StudioGonz, Gouda, (NL)

With Bloodgod


2 September 2017, Occultfest, Hoogeveen (NL)

With Heidevolk, Inhume, The Lucifer Principle, Slechtvalk, Nightland


1 September 2017, Arnhem (NL)

With Misanthropia, Nightland


19 December 2016, Hotel de la musique, Lyon (FR)

With Slechtvalk, The Abyss Order


18 December 2016, Circolo Colony , Brescia (IT)

With Slechtvalk and Nightland


17 December 2016, Winter Armageddon Festival, Neckarsulm (DE)

With Slechtvalk and Nightland, Cantus Levitas, Opus Irae


16 December 2016, Met Bar, Lenzburg (CH)

With Slechtvalk, Nightland


15 December 2016, Gigant, Apeldoorn (NL)

With Slechtvalk, Nightland 


10 December 2016, Downi, Ittigen (CH)

With Askara, Frank Needs Help, Septagramm


26 November 2016, Manoir Pub, St-Maurice

With Enisum


3 September 2016, Hedon, Zwolle (NL)

With Welicoruss, Opus Irae


2nd September 2016, Kreatief, Neckarsulm (D)

With Welicoruss ,Opus Irae, Ferah


1st September 2016, Bruch Brothers, Luzern

With Welicoruss and Opus Irae


19 March 2016, Excalibar, Bossonens

With Tyrmfar and Cherokee Christ


27 February 2016, Met Bar, Lenzburg

With Wolves Den, Craving, Hedera


15 January 2016, Manoir Pub, St-Maurice

With Welicoruss


5 December 2015, Black Storm, Petit Léman, Vevey

With Harmoniks, Battle Tales


13-14 November 2015, Brainstorm Festival, Apeldoorn (NL)

With Ancient Bards, Sleeping Romance, Nightland and other...


19 September 2015, Nemesis of Darkness Tour, Rockfakt, Münchenstein

With Pertness, Freakings


18 September 2015, Nemesis of Darkness Tour, Cabane du Bicross, St-Aubin

With Pertness, Freakings 


21 March 2015, Salle de l'Ouest, Tramelan

With Trashing Heads, Buried Side


14 March 2015, Elements of Rock, Uster

With Sleeping Romance, Immortal Souls, Narnia,.. 


23 Novembre 2014, Metal Church, Ittigen

With Reigning Depravity


29 November 2013, Rock n’ Trees, Vaumarcus

With Necroblation


2 November 2013, Strass Rock, Neuchâtel

With Highpeaks, Gadget Deafwish


19 October 2013, Emerging Metal Night, Ittigen

With Down Incus, Strugglers,...


23 June 2012, Fête de la musique, ScarKrows Bar, le Locle


22 June 2012, Fête de la musique, Case à chocs, Neuchâtel 

With Poison Heidi,  Bunny & Clyde , Cyphery, Fall in 7Th Centruy


18 June 2011, Manoir Pub, St-Maurice

With Depth Melody


10 Octobre 2009, Metal Over All, Malleray

 With Isoptera, Ab Occulto, Lee Harvey Oswald et Cyphery


14 August 2009, Imortal Sphere, Wattenwill


28 March 2009, Manoir Pub, St-Maurice


20 Décember 2008, B4 X-Mas, Case à chocs, Neuchâtel


15 November 2008, Concert privé, Sapinhaut


October 2008, Concert privé, Boudry


26 April 2008, Elements of Rock, Uster


14 July 2007, Festival du louverain, louverain


6 May 2007, Bar King, Neuchâtel


23 December 2006, B4X-Mas, Namasté, Neuchâtel