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Back on the road!

- by Joël

Morgarten will be on the road next weekend!!! 

We can't wait to meet you at Brainstorm Festival or in Asgaard Gentbrugge!


Orbe Estivale

- by Joël

We will be headlining the first night of the Open Air Orbe Estivale ! Come and fight with us !


Cry of the Lost is Released !

- by Joël

The wait is over! Our new album "Cry of the Lost" is released ! 

Available on CD, limited vinyl and digital where music is sold and streamed.

We are looking forward to hear what you think about the album! Thanks for your support everyone!


The Last Breath

- by Joël


We just released a lyric video for "The Last Breath", the third single from our new album "Cry of the Lost". 

Link to the lyric video

The Last Breath is one of the first songs we wrote for the album and it's the first song we ever wrote that features clean vocals.
It may not have the aggression or speed of other songs, but it has an intensity that makes it really unique, especially when played live.
It is about the moment when the warrior, on the verge of death, realizes that he may have spent his life building something that was ultimately meaningless.
It's this situation that we chose to represent on the album cover.
The Last Breath is also in my opinion one of the songs that Jens Bogren did the most impressive work on, especially the vocal work and some of the effects he added that really bring something to the atmosphere.

Tales of My Lands

- by Joël


The Swiss folk/black metal band MORGARTEN just released a lyric video for "Tales of My Lands", the second single from their new album "Cry of the Lost".

Link to the lyric video:https://youtu.be/fFY1u4D082c

"Cry of the Lost" will be released on June 18th on CD, limited vinyl and digital via Inner Wound Recordings.

Morgarten comments on the new single

"'Tales of My Lands' is the starting point of the story on which 'Cry of the Lost' is based. It's about the day when a man realizes who he's meant to be and that he longs for the great outdoors. With the song we want to show the excitement of this man and his dreams, his thirst for great things and for travelling, and his will to be a warrior."

Youtube Link