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Dark December Days 2016

- by Joël

Join battle of Dark December Days !!!

We will be on the road with with Slechtvalk and Nightland !

We hope to see you at one of these events:
15 dec - NL: Slechtvalk, Nightland, Morgarten | Gigant, Apeldoorn
16 dec - CH: Slechtvalk, Nightland, Morgarten & Frijgard
17 dec - DL: Winter Armageddon Fest
18 dec - ITA: Slechtvalk / Nightland / Morgarten
19 dec - FRA: Slechtvalk + Morgarten et The Abyss Order (without Nightland)

We are back at home !

- by Joël

Morgarten Openings Act Hedon Netherlands

Morgarten is back at home after first european tour of his history !

This tour was a wonderful experience for us. New locations, new fans, new friends.

We want to thanks The Desert Rose Agency who has perfectly managing the tour ! 

It's a real pleasure to work with so serious and professional people! 

The netherlands place was crazy, the food was perfect ! We feel really welcomed... We can't wait for the next... Stay tuned !

We also thanks everybody who has make this tour possible...

Bruch brother Bar for hosting Swiss show !

Opus Irae for organising German show !

Welicoruss our Headlinner !

David for Netherland show !

See you soon ! Keep fighting !

Digipack available in USA !

- by Joël

We are proud to annouce to USA fans thats Morgarten music is now avalaible on Metal Helm shop !!!

Check it :  Metal Helm Shop

03.08-22.08.16 Discount of 19% on Risen To Fight !

European Tour Septembre 2016

- by Pierric

Together with Welicoruss and Opus Irae, we will do a small tour in september! Hope to see you at one of these locations!!!

Avec Welicoruss et Opus Irae, nous ferons une petite tournée en septembre! On espère vous voir à un de ces endroits!!!

01-09 Bruch Brothers - Luzern (CH)
02-09 Kreatief - Neckarsulm (D)
03-09 Hedon - Zwolle (NL)


Nous sommes de retour au Manoir !

- by Joël

Amis du Valais, nous venons jouer par chez vous le 15.01.2016 !

Nous sommes impatient de retrouver le Manoir Pub, que nous apprécions particulièrement. 

Et ce sera en compagnie d'un groupe venant tout droit de Russie !


Venez nombreux la soirée sera belle....

Revennez le 16.01.2016 qui suit car nos amis de Pertness prendrons le relais suivit par Excelsis !