Logo de morgarten


It was 2005 and in the region of Neuchatel, Switzerland, a land rich with ancestral history, five brave warriors stood up to bring the world to their cause. 

Thus was born Morgarten !

The warriors immediately began to compose, giving life to their first songs.

At the end of 2006, they decided that their weapons were finally ready to step out of their cave.

Their metal was then described as "both melodic and warlike, transporting you into the middle of a forest at the time of knights".

Over the years, the band gained experience travelling through the Swiss clubs, and decided to capture the spirit of their music by releasing their first album "Risen to Fight".

The album received a warm welcome and the special edition made for the occasion of its release was sold out on the evening of the show.

Following this show, Morgarten is contacted by a booking agency, "Desert Rose Agency", who offers them to sign by them.

In 2015 Morgarten conquered new ground by playing their first concert abroad at the “Brainstorm Festival”, in the Netherlands.

Henceforth, more motivated than ever, the band seeks to conquer new scenes and to reveal its music more and more.


Ilann is the first guitarist and second singer. He began playing guitar, the first intrument he'd ever learned, when Morgarten was created.Then, Ilann learned how to play piano and bass guitar. He composes a large part of the songs and participates in the writing and inspiration of the lyrics. He enjoys nature, especially mountains and water, and sports such as windsurfing and snowboarding. He also enjoys his job as a boat constructer.


Pierric is the second guitarist and main singer of Morgarten. Like Ilann, he began playing guitar when the band was created. However, he did already have many years of experience in music through the practice of brass instruments. As the band progressed, Pierric learned many other instruments, such as medieval oboe, Irish flutes and bagpipes. He is more invested in the writing of the lyrics, but also contributes to the composition of the songs, some of which include "Called to the War" and "Revelations of the Graveyard". He enjoys the wilder parts of nature like mountains, forests, snow and wind. He also likes beekeeping and to create things with his hands, especially out of wood.


Cédric is the bass guitarist and the third singer of Morgarten. He was introduced to music at a young age, taking more than six years of Western concert flute lessons. When the band was created, he learned the bass and expanded his knowledge of flutes to include Celtic and Irish flutes. He enjoys the nature, mountains especially, and likes to camp, hike and travel.


Joël is the drummer and the only member of the band who knew how to play his instrument before joining Morgarten. He gained his experience as a drummer mostly through playing in Brassbands of the Salvation Army. He also used to play in a harmony band and a few rock bands. Although music is his main passion, he also enjoys technology, nice landscapes and volleyball.


Maël plays keyboard for the band. He also only began learning his instrument when Morgarten was created. He shares his passion for music with a passion for sports. He especially enjoys kite sports such as kitesurfing, paragliding and windsurfing. Maël also likes to experiment with the culinary arts by creating dishes that are diverse and surprising.