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In remote lands of the north lived a man called Chamma. He lived in the rebel lands and only he had kept the promise of fidelity and allegiance made to his King.

In the past these lands rebelled advocating freedom, but a reign of hatred and fear was established. The rebel hordes were travelling through the lands, spreading chaos and desolation. Their chiefs convinced the people that all these tragedies were due to the King. Lots of men turned away from him to join enemies’ forces.

Chamma had all learned from his grandfather who bequeathed him a sacred book before dying. This book contained wise words and the ancient times’ prophecies.

One night Chamma’s spirit was transported on the top of a mountain. In front of him stretched a huge plain covered by cadavers, where was taking place a battle of unprecedented violence. In the distance, an army was walking towards the battlefield.

At his head, knights riding white horses were carrying the royal banner.

Chamma woke up with the conviction that at the next moon he would have to be in the clearing of a grim forest. He prepared supplies and weapons to leave at dawn.