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First show in Belgium !

- par Joël

After conquering the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France we are proud to announce that we will make our first show in Belgium! We will also step by lyon before!

So prepare yourselves!!!

26.10 Le Blogg in Lyon FR with Kalevala folk band and our friends from Harmoniks Event link!

27.10 De Verlichte Geest in Roeselare B with Fleshcarved, UNDECEIVED and others, Event link!


Dark December Days 2016

- par Joël

Join battle of Dark December Days !!!

We will be on the road with Slechtvalk and Nightland !

We hope to see you at one of these events:
15 dec - NL: Slechtvalk, Nightland, Morgarten | Gigant, Apeldoorn
16 dec - CH: Slechtvalk, Nightland, Morgarten & Frijgard
17 dec - DL: Winter Armageddon Fest
18 dec - ITA: Slechtvalk / Nightland / Morgarten
19 dec - FRA: Slechtvalk + Morgarten et The Abyss Order (without Nightland)


We are back at home !

- par Joël

Morgarten Openings Act Hedon Netherlands

Morgarten is back at home after first european tour of his history !

This tour was a wonderful experience for us. New locations, new fans, new friends.

We want to thanks The Desert Rose Agency who has perfectly managing the tour ! 

It's a real pleasure to work with so serious and professional people! 

The netherlands place was crazy, the food was perfect ! We feel really welcomed... We can't wait for the next... Stay tuned !

We also thanks everybody who has make this tour possible...

Bruch brother Bar for hosting Swiss show !

Opus Irae for organising German show !

Welicoruss our Headlinner !

David for Netherland show !

See you soon ! Keep fighting !


Digipack available in USA !

- par Joël

We are proud to annouce to USA fans thats Morgarten music is now avalaible on Metal Helm shop !!!

Check it :  Metal Helm Shop

03.08-22.08.16 Discount of 19% on Risen To Fight !


Nous sommes de retour au Manoir !

- par Joël

Amis du Valais, nous venons jouer par chez vous le 15.01.2016 !

Nous sommes impatient de retrouver le Manoir Pub, que nous apprécions particulièrement. 

Et ce sera en compagnie d'un groupe venant tout droit de Russie !


Venez nombreux la soirée sera belle....

Revennez le 16.01.2016 qui suit car nos amis de Pertness prendrons le relais suivit par Excelsis !


Brainstorm Festival !

- par Joël

Premier concert aux Pays-Bas ! Nous jouerons au Brainstorm Festival !!!


First show in Netherlands !!! We will play at the Brainstorm Festival !!!


Concert à l'AGORA !

- par Joël

We will play the 21 Mars at AGORA! in Tramelan! A great occasion to hear some good music !!!

Nous jouons le 21 mars à AGORA! a Tramelan! Une super occasion d'écouter de la bonne musique !!! 


Morgarten aux Elements of Rock !!!

- par Joël

Toutes les infos sur le site du festival : http://www.elementsofrock.ch


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